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Condo Renovation: Finished!!

January 30, 2011 20 comments

At long last, we’ve finished with our condo renovation!  Wow, thought I’d never be able to say that.


Ceiling:  All false ceilings, with white paint.

Walls: Painted with an off-white brown tint paint.

Floors:  Real teak wood with dark walnut stain.

Windows: UV clear windows on sliding frame.

Doors:  Solid wood doors with dark frame.

Kitchen/bathroom tiles:  Solid homogenous tiles.  30mmx60mm horizontal for kitchen walls.

Kitchen addendum: We went all-out (at least within our budget) for the kitchen… my wife is a fantastic cook, so it was designed and optimized for cooking and not eating out.

Lighting:  CFLs for utility hall, Halogens for warm lighting in living areas.  ‘Big’ lights are all incandescent, but will most likely be changed out for more efficient, but warm, CFLs.  In fact, I have a plan to design my own LED lighting to replace CFLs and Halogens in the future.

Light switches and power jacks:  High quality, solid tactile feedback.

Floor plan:  I designed the floor plan to have an ‘open kitchen’ theme that was more open and allowed the great Singapore tropical winds to permeate the place.  The 45 degree angles gives it a more open feeling that the previous old boxy room look.

You can see the previous blog entries for details on how I designed the floor plan (in 2D and 3D).

Summary: It all started out because there was no shower in the guest bathroom.  That eventually led me to completely redesign everything since we had to ‘move’ one wall.  May as well move them all at that point.  I’ve always wanted to do my own home design, and this is it!


Without further ado, here are the pictures:

Queensway Condo Finished 048

Looking into the open kitchen from living area.


Queensway Condo Finished 079

The living area.  The wall has cable jacks and Ethernet built in as well as power.


Queensway Condo Finished 090

The main entrance.


Queensway Condo Finished 087

Dining area.



Queensway Condo Finished 003

A view from the dining area to the living area.


Queensway Condo Finished 008

The view of the kitchen and hall entrance from the main door.


Queensway Condo Finished 059

A view of the living area from just inside the kitchen entrance.


Queensway Condo Finished 051

The kitchen viewed from the entrance.


Queensway Condo Finished 056

The kitchen viewed from the utility hall.  It’s an open kitchen with LOTS of air flow from all of the windows.  The windows are all sliding so that they can be completely opened and all of the great tropical breeze to blow through.


Queensway Condo Finished 058

A view of the kitchen entrance.


Queensway Condo Finished 020

This is the guest bathroom… a very massive improvement from the old one.


Queensway Condo Finished 023

Another view of the guest bathroom.


Queensway Condo Finished 060

The new storage room that could double as a baby bedroom or a maid’s room.  In my place, it will most likely be an engineer’s lab.  I made sure, even though it was a ‘storage’ room, it had an air con unit and full power/cable/Ethernet installed.


Queensway Condo Finished 061

The master bedroom.


Queensway Condo Finished 064

Master bedroom showing the new closets and entrance to the master bathroom.


Queensway Condo Finished 076

Yet another lovely view of the master bedroom.


Queensway Condo Finished 018

The guest bedroom.


So here are some before/after shots.  Smile


Dining/Living area  
IMG_0172 Queensway Condo Finished 031
Before After


Living area  
IMG_0197 Queensway Condo Finished 033
Before After


IMG_0178 Queensway Condo Finished 039
Before After


Master bedroom  
IMG_0187 Queensway Condo Finished 061
Before After


Master bathroom  

Queensway Condo Finished 075

Before After


Well, that’s it for the condo renovation stuff, next pictures will be of our place after we’ve moved in.

And then this blog will be more about my projects, my wife and our cat.  Open-mouthed smile


Harry 027



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