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Renovation Part IV: Reconstruction begins

September 4, 2010 2 comments

Now that the interior has been stripped of everything and walls that didn’t fit the new floor plan have been torn down, the first step of reconstruction is to build up the new walls.

And before we do that, we want to ensure the floor plan looks the way we designed it in the CAD program.  Because the field of view, perspective and the fact that looking through a monitor isn’t the same thing as how things look in real life, the contractor lays out the new floor plan using bricks.

This way, we can go in and get a feel for the new layout, and to confirm the room sizes will be large enough.

In our case, we made a few minor adjustments. 

Here are the pictures we took at this stage:


Main Entrance view

Above:  Standing at main entrance looking through to the kitchen on the left, hallway in center, and guest bed, storage room and living to the right.


Kitchen area

Above:  Standing in the dining/living area looking into the kitchen.


Storage and Living room

Above:  Standing at kitchen entrance looking out towards living room.  Small room is the maid/storage\utility room.


Guest bathroom and Kitchen

Above:  Standing in the guest bathroom, looking across to the kitchen and utility door and hall.

Next step:  Confirming wall locations and building up the walls.  That will happen this week.  Stay tuned!